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******EXCITING NEWS!******

As part of the Hastings Choirs rebranding effort, we have new names for 3 of the High School Choirs!





Treble Chorale (SA) and Bass Chorale (TB)

Beginning Women's Ensemble and Men's Glee Club will take on new names as a representation of their paired nature and purpose. They will now be known as "Treble Chorale" and Bass Chorale," respectively. The word Chorale (pronounced ko-RAL or [kəˈral] ) is another word for choir, and the "treble" and "bass" designations indicate the voice groupings; Soprano and Alto voices for the former, and Tenor and Bass voices for the latter.

Both are non-auditioned ensembles and seek to welcome all to the world of singing.

Sonos (SSA)

The Latin word sonos, meaning "sounds," will become the new moniker for Select Women's Ensemble. The long name is Sonos Advanced Treble Ensemble, but "Sonos" will save some time. The purpose of this auditioned ensemble's purpose will be to bring a more specific and deeper consideration of the many music(s) of the world, hence the word "sounds."

Varsity Singers (SATB)

Varsity Singers will remain as such, being the longest standing naming tradition in the Hastings Choirs. They will continue to be an auditioned ensemble performing music from around the world, and across time.

Upcoming Events

August 20th, 2021 - HS Choir Day Camp

October 17th, 2021 - Choir Fall Choir Concert, 3:00pm

November 9th, 2021 - MSU Vocal Outreach Program, TBD

December 5th, 2021 - HS Christmas Collage Concert (Band and Choirs), 2pm and 4pm

December 7th, 2021 - MS Choir Christmas Concert 7:00pm

January 25th, 2022 - HS Choir Pre-Festival Concert, 7:00-8:30pm

February 22nd - MS Pre-Festival Concert, 7pm

February 24th, 2022 - District 10 Festival @ Hastings Performing Arts Center, All Day

March 10th - 12th, 2022 - HS Musical TBA, 7pm and Saturday 2pm

April 29-30, Thornapple Jazz Festival - Location TBD - All Day

May 12th HS Spring Concert, HPAC, 7pm

May 17th MS Spring Concert, HPAC, 7pm

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