Bass and Treble Chorale DO NOT require an audition; just sign up!

-Auditions for SONOS and VARSITY SINGERS are after school on May 18th, 23rd, 24th or 30th (if you need a different time, just ask!)

-Materials; By the Waters of Babylon and Sightreading

-After reading ALL of the info below, direct any questions to Mr. Moore -

To reduce confusion, there is ONE audition piece for Varsity and Sonos.  Please pay attention to ALL. Most of all, relax and come sing your best for me. I just want to hear what you can do!

Copies availabe in the choir room. Everyone sings soprano (it's the same as the other lines, but this reduces confusion. 

PRACTICE TRACK By the Waters of Babylon 

Mr. Moore will have you sing a few warm ups with him. These are NOT complicated, and are not meant to be tricky. They are simply to help hear tone and pitch accuracy. You should also be able to sing a major scale. If you're not quite sure what to do for the scale, check this video out -->  MAJOR SCALE 

 Please do not panic!  Below are some examples of sightreading in F Major (the first note is F, and is called DO in solfege) Here are some video links to help with sightreading. If you have NO sight-singing experience, or limited, come talk to Mr. Moore.

Mrs. Musical Pants - Instructional Lesson 

Singing in Numbers - Instructional Lesson 

Interactive Lesson 1 

Interactive Lesson 2 

Sightreading Example #1

Sightreading Example #2

Syllabi Below

MS Choir Syllabus '21-'22