We are trying to raise money for a new piano for our classroom use! Our current set up would be greatly improved with a quality digital piano that can be connected to our existing sound system. Here are our purchase goals:

In-person - See a 6th, 7th, or 8th grade Choir student and order on their sheet.

2. Online - go to fundraise.biz/33731 and enter the student's name, fill out the order, and pay by credit card. Make sure to enter the student's name for them to get credit.

The ability to record accompaniments and vocal parts for rehearsals which allows the choir director using it to get out from behind the piano.
2. Adjustable volume. An upright, though relatively loud, has a limited volume. Moreover, the choir room is not an acoustically advanced space. It is too deep, with too low of a ceiling, hollow built in risers, a mostly square shape, and no helpful reflective surfaces so to compensate for that. It functions better as an instrumental room, in fact. A digital piano with adjustable volume will be helpful for students trying to hear the accompaniment or their part, especially those who are at the back of the ensemble. A digital piano will help overcome this obstacle.
3. Multiple tones to offer diverse sound capabilities - different songs need different accompaniment sounds.
4. Built in metronome - to use for rehearsal purposes without having to leave the piano
5. Transposition tools - changing the key of a given song
6. Weighted 88 key - Full range, with the dynamic ability of an actual piano
7. A Quality Name: There are many brands of piano to choose from. We feel that selecting a piano company that has not only served countless musicians well, but also musicians in our own district is a necessity. We want this instrument to last for two decades.

OUR GOAL: The Roland FP60X (Or Equivalent Digital Keyboard)/pedal stand and rolling cart.


The Hastings Choirs, offered from grade 6-12, provide the opportunity for students to take part in one of 7 choirs. The choirs perform in a series of home concerts, as well as performances in our region, all the while building relationships, and learning life lessons in a welcoming environment.

Hastings High school offers four curricular choirs and are directed by Mr. Andrew Moore.

Treble Chorale

Grade 9-12, non-auditioned

Treble Chorale is a GREAT place to learn the basics of vocal production, sightreading, singing as a choir, and connecting with other students. Students in Treble Chorale have a different levels of experience, but they all have a love of good music and having fun together.

Bass Chorale

Grade 9-12, non-auditioned

Bass Chorale has been a welcoming comunity of singers of different ages and experiences. In Bass Chorale we learn about vocal production, blend, tone, and sight-reading. There is no minimum requriement to be in in BC. You should join, ...but only if you like having fun, learning, and working hard for something worthwhile.


Grade 9-12*, Auditioned/Appointed

Sonos, the Latin word for sounds, is an advanced SSA ensemble (treble voices), specializing in music from around the world and throughout time and exists to explore the richness of SSA music. It is a tight-knit group, and requires a moderate level of sight reading, and a strong work ethic, but it is a very rewarding ensemble.

*9th Grade placement in Sonos is based solely on exemplary completion of 8th Grade Choir

Varsity Singers

Grade 10-12, Auditioned

Varsity Singers has long been the most advanced ensemble at Hastings HS . Like Sonos, Varsity Singers strive for depth and complexity in music, and achieves at a high level in its festival involvement. Varsity Singers are NOT all soloists or divas, but they are all hard workers. If you are interested in Varsity, don't be daunted. Talk to Mr. Moore directly. and learn what it takes to be a part of this elite choir.

All choirs take part in a Fall concert, Holiday concert with the Hastings Band, District Festival hosted by MSVMA (Michigan School Vocal Music Association), and a final Spring concert. Varsity Singers and Select Women's are presented with more performance opportunities through the year, including but not limited to: Christmas caroling at the local nursing homes/assisted living, Broadway night in the Fall, and a Graduation performance.

Choir students regularly audition for Regional Honors Choirs, sing at Vocal Solo & Ensemble (another event hosted by MSVMA in the Fall and Spring) and take part in the Musical in March.

All performances and involvement in Choir allows students to meet new people, explore music from other cultures & countries, and challenge themselves in a setting that their traditional classes don't offer. Education is all about learning to express yourself and participating in any of the choirs allows students to do so in a safe and exciting way.

As part of the Hastings Choirs rebranding effort, we have new names for 3 of the High School Choirs!





Treble Chorale (SA) and Bass Chorale (TB)

Beginning Women's Ensemble and Men's Glee Club will take on new names as a representation of their paired nature and purpose. They will now be known as "Treble Chorale" and Bass Chorale," respectively. The word Chorale (pronounced ko-RAL or [kəˈral] ) is another word for choir, and the "treble" and "bass" designations indicate the voice groupings; Soprano and Alto voices for the former, and Tenor and Bass voices for the latter.

Both are non-auditioned ensembles and seek to welcome all to the world of singing.

Sonos (SSA)

The Latin word sonos, meaning "sounds," will become the new moniker for Select Women's Ensemble. The long name is Sonos Advanced Treble Ensemble, but "Sonos" will save some time. The purpose of this auditioned ensemble's purpose will be to bring a more specific and deeper consideration of the many music(s) of the world, hence the word "sounds."

Varsity Singers (SATB)

Varsity Singers will remain as such, being the longest standing naming tradition in the Hastings Choirs. They will continue to be an auditioned ensemble performing music from around the world, and across time.

In 2019, thanks to grants and generous donors, the musicians of the city of Hastings finally got the performance space that was needed and deserved for years. Opened in February 2019, the Hastings Performing Arts Center (also known as HPAC) was a beautiful, new space for our local student musicians and local performing groups to showcase their hard work and talent. Now, the HPAC is a place where Hastings hosts HS Musicals, Band & Choir concerts, professional orchestras, and much much more.

Click on the logo below to view more info on our HPAC, check rental availability, and take a look at the calendar of upcoming events.